Safe Driver


Introduce the role that knowledge, values, attitudes and behavior have in promoting safe driving and examine common on-the-road hazards and situations that can lead to traffic citations and collisions and the possibility of injuries and death.


Help participants understand how their values and attitudes affect their driving

Recognize and evaluate their current driving habits and where needed learn ways to change negative driving behavior

Apply a risk reduction process to control or eliminate hazards through the use of the SAFER Driver practices

Discover the impact collisions(s) have on the earnings of a company

Create and commit to an action plan for SAFER and responsible driving behavior


The SAFER Driver Workshop was developed with the corporate employee in mind. The program was designed to reduce collisions, minimize insurance costs and assist all employees in becoming SAFER Drivers. The course can be taught in one, two, three and four hour blocks. Each nodule can be taught individually and may be used as separate training components. This program can be used by any company or organization employees whether or not the employees are company drivers.


Class Schedule

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