Aggressive Driving

The Aggressive Driving program is designed for the individual who has received several traffic violations in a short period of time, been identified by law enforcement as an aggressive driver and/or a habitual traffic offender. The seminar is usually part of a court judgement.


Enlighten participants about how their attitudes towards the driving environment, stress, time management, anger management and individual personality traits all play a part in their driving behavior, causing them to be aggressive drivers.


  • Accept responsibility for their negative actions of angry and aggressive driving practices
  • Investigate how their attitudes and emotions affect their driving
  • Explore their current driving behavior and learn ways to become responsible and courteous driver
  • Understand they have a choice in the manner in which they operate a motor vehicle
  • Make a personal commitment to change their negative driving habits
Available in Classroom
To pre-register for an onsite class, please call (352) 493-2211

Please have these items handy when you call:

  • Driver’s License Number (DL)
  • DL expiration date
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • Citation county, citation number, date
  • Case number
  • What class you would like to register for