Back on Track in 60 Minutes

The Back on Track in 60 Minutes program is an excellent way for companies and organizations to provide a quick defensive driving program for their employees and members. The program is ideal for civic organizations, churches, small businesses, and companies that provide monthly safety meetings.


The “Back on Track in 60 Minutes” program was developed to assist the management of an organization in helping them provide a quick and worthwhile way to provide defensive driving to their employees. The program highlights road hazards, distractions, collision avoidance, and car control in a consice and effective on our program.


  • Reinforce information that the participant may have forgotten about being a defensive driver
  • Discover how emotions may affect driving
  • Learn how distractions can lead to dangerous driving incidents
  • Learn ways to avoid collisions
  • Acquire information on the dynamics of operating a motor vehicle
  • Make a commitment to being a Safer Driver
Available in Classroom
To pre-register for an onsite class, please call (352) 493-2211

Please have these items handy when you call:

  • Driver’s License Number (DL)
  • DL expiration date
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • Citation county, citation number, date
  • Case number
  • What class you would like to register for