Senior Driver

The Senior Driver program may provide mature drivers an insurance discount from their insurance company. The program may also be used by senior centers and organizations concerned about mature drivers as part of a prevention program.


This program introduces the participants to the many factors that affect our driving ability as we become mature drivers. The program addresses concerns senior drivers may have about their ability to be a safe and responsible driver and provides valuable information on the changes that may have occurred in defensive driving techniques over the years.


  • Introduce participants to changes in laws and defensive driving techniques
  • Promote the understanding of the effects of aging on perceptual ability
  • Assist the attendees in learning the effects prescription and over the counter medications may have on their driving ability
  • Acquaint the participants with the physiological and psychological factors affecting senior drivers
  • Discuss when the need may arise to stop driving and the alternatives to driving
Available in Classroom
To pre-register, please call (352) 493-2211

Please have these items handy when you call:

  • Driver’s License Number (DL)
  • DL expiration date
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • Citation county, citation number, date
  • Case number
  • What class you would like to register for