Traffic Survival Level 3

Complete your ADI course for only $100 with Nature Coast Driver Improvement. This course serves those who have received a letter from DHSMV suspending your license due to points or need to satisfy a court order.

The advanced Traffic Survival Level 3 program is designed for the person who has had their driver’s license suspended or revoked or has been court ordered to attend an advanced program. Certin courts may require a violator to attend a defensive driving program for serious/habitual offenders and the Level 3 course normally meets this mandate.

Available in Classroom
To pre-register, please call (352) 493-2211

Please have these items handy when you call:

  • Driver’s License Number (DL)
  • DL expiration date
  • Last 4 of SSN
  • Citation county, citation number, date
  • Case number
  • What class you would like to register for


Assist participants in recognizing how their current attitudes and temperament cause negative driving behavior and to help them learn new ways to become better and safer drivers.


  • Help students discover how their attitudes and negative driving habits are affecting their personal lives
  • Examine a current driving behavior and help participants identify areas needing change
  • Explore new ways of becoming a responsible and courteous driver
  • Challenge each individual to develop a written plan for changing their negative driving behavior
  • Instill in each student a desire to make a commitment to become a safer driver by adopting a personal plan of action
Traffic Survival Level 3 (IDI)
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